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Vehicle System Diagnosis With PicoScope

The PicoScope is an advanced computer-based electronic scope. It is capable of processing and displaying high-fidelity electrical signals. PicoScope hardware devices such as the pressure transducer can measure in-cylinder pressures at a sampling rate high enough to capture mechanical valvetrain function. When the PicoScope and other lab scopes are used by trained professionals accurate diagnosis are able to be made with more efficiency and greater repeatably. The PicoScope’s ability to provide a technician with high-level electrical signals and their time-based overlay with others provides valuable insights to performance malfunctions.

The experts at Hollenshade’s in Towson can address any problems you may experience with your vehicle’s electrical system. Please CONTACT US for an appointment or to ask us a question about replacing the spark plugs on your vehicle.

PicoSocpe Diagnostics
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