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Fuel System

Fuel Trim

The powertrain control module is responsible for adjusting the fuel trim of the engine. It relies on a number of sensors to provide accurate data it needs to execute the logic programmed by the manufacturer. To learn more about fuel trim CLICK HERE!

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is critical to the operation of the internal combustion engine. Click here to learn more about fuel pump control module diagnosis and repair.


The fuel injection system delivers a precise fuel charge to the engine cylinders. The system responds quickly to feedback from various engine sensors. This allows the air / fuel ratio to be precisely adjusted for the current conditions, such as temperature, engine speed, or altitude changes.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter removes particles from the fuel system helping prevent the fuel injectors from becoming clogged. Fuel flow restrictions within the fuel delivery system can cause poor engine performance and create additional problems. Replacing the fuel filter at recommended intervals maintains proper fuel system operation and prevents poor engine performance.

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