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Belts & Hoses

Tired of the squeaking belt noise on your vehicle?!?!
Rubber components endure significant temperature levels under the hood of the vehicle. These temperature loads combined with seasonal conditions result in cracking and hardening of the vehicle’s belts and hoses.

The drive belt should be inspected for wear, damage, separation of layered sections, missing ribs, severe cracking of belt ribs, and debris buildup.

Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is the primary driver of the accessory systems on an engine, such as a coolant pump, power steering pump, and sometimes the HVAC compressor. When used with a drive belt tensioner, the serpentine belt keeps constant and correct tension on all of the pulleys.

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Stretch Belt

The outward appearance of the stretch belt is similar to that of the serpentine belt. The reinforcing cord of the stretch belt provides unique qualities, including more elasticity than the traditional cord designs, which means that a tensioner is not needed. The elastic backing maintains the specified tension within the specified range of usage. The stretch belt is installed or removed by physically stretching the belt to fit over the pulleys.

Timing Belt

Do not overlook the scheduled service mileage to replace the Timing Belt on your vehicle. Timing belts are essential to the operation of an engine because they maintain crankshaft and camshaft synchronization. A broken timing belt can result in severe engine damage. If  a timing belt breaks, the engine will stop running and in some cases damage the valves of the motor.

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