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Is your car blowing warm air from the vents? Does the fan only work at certain speeds? Cold air fading or turning warmer while at slow speeds or idle? These can all be signs of needing to service your vehicle.

Both Packard and Cadillac experimented with car air conditioning in the early 1940s. But Packard was the first to add a/c as an available option, simultaneously Hollenshade’s Auto Repair opened in 1939. We have seen the evolution of air conditioning in vehicles and are proud to offer expert automotive repair service to our customers. Contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

When having your car’s HVAC system diagnosed or repaired, it’s strongly encouraged to be prepared to leave the vehicle with us (2-3 hours). Finding a leak in the a/c system can be a tedious task. First, the system is recharged and recovered, then UV fluorescent dye is added to the system to pinpoint a leak. After the leak has been repaired, the refrigerant is topped off, and you can enjoy cold A/C again. As you can tell, our process is thorough and is not an in and out one hour service.

After visiting us for an A/C service, you will leave with a working HVAC system or a definite diagnosis with a repair estimate. After a week or so bring your car back for a complimentary re-inspection. During this trip, we will go over the system once again to verify all components are in their proper working condition. If any issues remain, we will find them. Our customers are #1, and we want them to be comfortable driving this summer with cold A/C and warm during the winter with hot heat. Trust Hollenshade’s to bring your car’s HVAC system back to its factory efficiency. Contact us today or call: 410-828-5750.

Cabin Air Filter

Similar to the furnace filter in a house the cabin air filter helps clean the air that is brought into the cabin from outside the vehicle. This is an often overlooked component of the vehicle’s HVAC system that provides relive to individuals with allergies and helps reduce odors in the cabin.


Your car’s a/c compressor is a critical element in your car’s cooling system. When your fan stops blowing cold air through your vents or a noise is coming from the belt area, it’s time to schedule a service. During the Mid Atlantic summers, humidity and warm temperatures make it uncomfortable driving without your air conditioning running correctly.


Your car’s a/c condenser is very important in the cooling process. This is the part which removes heat from the refrigerant that cools your cabin. If the condenser is not operating at full capacity, you may experience cool but not cold air and a burning smell while your a/c is on.

Blower Motor

Does the speed of the fan only work on high speed or not at all? This can indicate a problem with the blower motor or blower motor resistor on your vehicle.


Having an evaporator that works is important for your car’s a/c system. When the evaporator is working efficiently, the heat is pulled from the evaporator coil. This helps keep the liquid refrigerant as cold as possible.

Refrigerant Recharging

A full system is required for peak function of the car’s air conditioning system. Since most newer vehicles only require 14-28 ounces of refrigerant, you must have an ASE certified mechanic complete the charging, if required.

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