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Your car’s A/C compressor is a critical element in its cooling system. When your fan stops blowing cold air through your vents or a noise is coming from the belt area, it’s time to schedule a service. During the Mid-Atlantic summers, humidity and warm temperatures make it uncomfortable driving without your air conditioning running correctly.

The A/C compressor pumps refrigerated gas out and transfers it to the condenser. It compresses and expands as it moves through the A/C system, which creates cool air. It then sends the cool air out through the dashboard, keeping your car cool.

The A/C compressor consists of an inlet or an outlet, or “suction” and “discharge.” Refrigerant is sucked into the compressor, compressed, and discharged through the outlet.

There are a few things that can make your A/C compressor stop working properly. Sometimes, A/C compressors lock up. Issues may be caused by low refrigerant charge, a leak in the piping, air flow blockage, service port caps , failures in drive belt tension, and more. The A/C compressor needs regular use to keep lubricant oil dispersed throughout the entire system. With wear, compressors can become damaged, or the interior components can break. They can also seize up and fail to turn when the magnetic clutch engages, or a prolonged refrigerant leak can lead to failure.

Issues require servicing from an experienced air conditioning repair technician.

Most of the time, your A/C will start showing signs of failure gradually, giving you a chance to bring it in to Hollenshade’s and have us take a look before it stops working completely. Signs your system or compressor may be going out include:

    • Air not as cold as usual
    • Strange noises coming from the dashboard
    • A/C failing to start
    • Diminished air flow
    • Hot air blowing from the vents

When working properly, your A/C compressor enables the car’s A/C system to create cool air and maintain a clear windshield. Regular use, cleaning, refrigerant replacement, and electrical checks conducted by the mechanics at Hollenshade’s will help keep your compressor in good working condition for this season and future summers!

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