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Clutch Inspection and Replacement

The clutch assembly is located between the engine and transmission. The clutch has two main purposes and functions. To disconnect the engine from the transmission to allow the engine to remain running when the vehicle is stopped and to permit the transmission to be shifted. Construction of the clutch assembly dampens and absorbs engine impulses and drive train vibrations.

A clutch assembly consists of a clutch disk that is splined to the input shaft of the transaxle. When the driver depresses the clutch pedal, a throughout bearing is forced against the fingers of the pressure plate. The pressure plate is bolted to and rotates with the flywheel. When force is exerted on the center of the pressure plate, the pressure is released from the clutch disc that hasbeen forced against the engine flywheel. With the pressure removed from the clutch disk, the engine can be operated without transferring torque to the transaxle. This also permits the transmission to be shifted.

During replacement a professional technician will inspect the flywheel/flex-plate for cracks or signs of heat damage and the pilot bearing (where applicable).

Please CONTACT US if you believe your manual transmission vehicle has a failing clutch. A test drive with one of our experienced technicians can usually pinpoint a slipping clutch issue.

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