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Filters & Fluids

Cabin Filter

Cabin filtration is provided by the cabin air filter. It is a paper/charcoal element that filters incoming air. Similar to an engine filter. This filter can remove some pollens and air borne allergens. This type of filter is a recent addition to the traditional HVAC system and is gaining widespread popularity with automakers.

Drain Plug

Engine oil drain plugs are available in different sizes and shapes. Some drain plugs may have a magnet, which is located at the tip of the plug, to collect metallic debris out of the engine oil. The hex head of the drain plug can be different sizes. The threads on the drain plug may also be different. Some threads may be fine in texture, while others may be coarse in texture, depending on the application. If a drain plug needs to be replaced, make sure to use the same type of plug to ensure damage to the engine oil pan does not occur.

Engine Oil Filter

An oil filter is used to filter out small particles of dirt and metal debris that get suspended in the engine oil before the oil is sent to the vital rotating components of the engine.

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