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CV axle

Clicking during sharp turns can be an early sign the CV axle is worn. The ‘CV’ means constant velocity. These drivetrain components move to high working angles under load to accommodate changing road and driving conditions. If you have been told to replace the CV axles in your vehicle  click here to READ MORE.

U Joint

The drivetrain of a vehicle has multiple moving parts, such as U joints. These components move in order to accommodate changing driving conditions. These drivetrain components can wear over time or may become damaged which can transfer stress onto other components. These components require routine inspection and lubrication in order to prevent wear and to prolong the life of the vehicles’s drivetrain. Click here to READ MORE.

Transfer Case

The differential clutch is bolted to the front of the limited-slip differential. The propeller shaft is connected to the front of the differential clutch. The differential clutch is connected directly to the limited slip differential pinion by a splined shaft. The differential clutch controls the degree of drive torque distributed to the rear wheels. A hydraulically controlled multi-disc clutch is used to vary drive torque.

Drive Pinion Assembly

The drive pinion assembly is supported by two opposed tapered roller bearings with a collapsible spacer between them. The pinion seal is installed in the housing followed by the pinion flange and nut to provide preload and secure the assembly.

Ring Gear

The ring gear is bolted to the differential case and opposed tapered roller side bearings to support the case. Threaded adjusters are used on the side bearings to set ring gear to drive pinion gear backlash and preload.

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