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Oil Change

Engine oil provides lubrication, cooling and cleaning to the internal parts of the engine. Engine oil degrades as it becomes dirty and contaminated from normal engine operation. The engine oil filter helps to protect the machined surfaces and bearings in an engine by removing particles from the engine oil. Not changing the oil and filter on a vehicle at the recommended intervals can lead to excessive engine wear and eventually engine failure. Replacing the engine oil and filter when recommended ensures proper and efficient engine performance and prolongs the life of the engine.

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Air Filter

The air filter removes dirt and other particles from the air drawn into the engine. A clean, consistent flow of air is essential to proper engine operation. As the air filter becomes contaminated, it restricts the flow of air to the engine which could increase emissions output as well as decrease fuel economy. Routine replacement of the air filter ensures clean, unrestricted air flow into the engine to help maintain performance.

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Cabin Air FIlter

The cabin air filter removes particles such as dust and pollen from the air that circulates through the cabin ventilation system. Routine replacement of the cabin air filter avoids potential obstructions in the filter and potentially eliminates odors from a dirty cabin air filter. Restricted air flow in the ventilation system can result in inefficient heating or cooling of the passenger compartment.

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Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmission/Transaxle fluid provides lubrication, cooling and cleaning to various parts of the transmission/transaxle. The transmission/transaxle fluid filter (if equipped) helps to prolong the life of the fluid by removing larger particles, but eventually, the fluid and filter need to be changed. Dirty transmission/transaxle fluid can cause shifting problems, premature component wear, transmission/transaxle failure, and reduced fuel economy. Replacing the transmission/transaxle fluid and filter at the recommended intervals helps ensure the transmission/transaxle operates properly and prevents premature failure of the transmission/transaxle.

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Transfer Case Fluid

The transfer case allows a vehicle to be placed into four-wheel drive by engaging the front wheels on a normally rear-wheel drive vehicle. Transfer case fluid plays a vital role in cooling and lubricating the components within the transfer case. Degraded or dirty transfer case fluid can increase friction within the transfer case causing components to wear potentially causing premature failure of the transfer case. Replacing the transfer case fluid at the recommended intervals helps ensure proper transfer case operation while in four-wheel drive and prevents premature transfer case failure.


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Coolant Flush

Engine coolant is vital to maintaining optimal engine operating temperature. Deteriorated or contaminated coolant can cause poor fuel economy due to inefficient cooling of the engine, cause premature cooling system failures, and could potentially result in damage to internal engine components. Replacing engine coolant and flushing the cooling system at the recommended intervals ensures that the cooling system continues to perform properly and that the engine is not in danger of overheating or freezing.


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