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Your car’s a/c condenser is very important in the cooling process. Think of it as another radiator in the front of the vehicle. This is the part which removes heat from the refrigerant that cools your cabin. If the condenser is not operating efficiently and at full capacity, you may experience cool but not cold air..

The A/C system in a car requires regular maintenance, as the system works continually to cool the air that is pulled in through the air conditioner ducting into the evaporator case.. The refrigerant lines and automotive HVAC components are a sealed system. Over time, as O-rings and seals age, refrigerant can escape from the system. Continuing to operate the a/c with low refrigerant charge may damage the system over time. This is because the a/c oil, used for lubricating moving parts within the system, is carried throughout by the refrigerant.

You may be asking.. “what is needed to service the system”?? Vehicle a/c systems function with a very limited amount of refrigerant gas. Sometimes less than 1 lb. Therefore, even a small amount of refrigerant loss can represent a large percentage of the total system capacity. Therefore, professional A/C service equipment must be precise to ensure accurate service and reliable results. During service, a certified A/C repair mechanic will  hookup the machine  to the service ports and perform a thorough system evaluation and recharge.

A professional A/C service includes:

    • Verifying compressor operation (computer command signal and magnetic clutch operation)
    • Checking system pressures (Hi and Lo side of compressor)
    • Visual inspection of system for signs of florescent tracer dye (identifies areas of refrigerant leakage)
    • Recovery and capture of any refrigerant remaining in the system
    • Vacuum test for integrity of O-rings and seals
    • Charging system to the full refrigerant capacity (defined by manufacturer)
    • Injection of oil and UV-dye (to expedite the identification of leakage in the future)
    • Inspection and/or replacement of the cabin air filter element

Condenser issues are often caused by the following:

    • Dirt/material blockage of fins
    • Broken/cracked condenser case
    • Faulty/clogged inlet or outlet passages

If your A/C condenser is showing signs of malfunction, let our A/C repair technicians take a look. Common signs of condenser issues include:

    • Unusual noises from the dashboard
    • Reduced cooling capability

If your car is experiencing condenser issues, bring it into Hollenshade’s, and our experienced Towson mechanics will diagnose and repair the problem fast and efficiently to get you back on the road with a cool cabin for travel.

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