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Does the speed of the fan only work on high speed or not at all? This can indicate a problem with the blower motor or blower motor resistor on your vehicle.

Your car’s blower motor is an important part of its HVAC system. It is the motor that operates the fan within the system. It may be located inside the dash, often on the opposite side from the steering wheel, although this can vary based on make and mode. Sometimes they are difficult to access, and it is important to have a local HVAC repair technician take a look rather than attempting to repair an issue yourself.

A blower motor is composed of:

    • A fan
    • A DC motor
    • A resistor
    • Fan housing

Some are wired differently than others, although many systems use basic components like a fan relays and blower motor resistors.

A blower motor resistor is the part that regulates the speed of the blower motor. This allows for varying speed settings for the a/c system. The resistor works by controlling the current that goes to the motor. It is used in cars where the blower motor has only 4 or 5 speeds.

The following signals may indicate blower motor issues:

    • Blower only functions on the high-speed setting
    • Strange a/c fan noises
    • Limited or no air flow
    • Issues with the window defroster

You can technically drive your car with a bad blower motor. However, your journey will likely be uncomfortable, especially on hot or cold days. Since Maryland experiences both warm and cold temperatures, it is best and safest for drivers to have issues addressed by an experienced mechanic. It is also very important that your window defroster is in good working condition for proper visibility and safe driving conditions.

If you have noticed your car’s blower motor not working properly, bring it into Hollenshade’s in Towson, and our expert a/c repair mechanics will diagnose and repair the problem.

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