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Evaporator Servicing in Towson, MD

Your car’s evaporator cools air and removes moisture. If the evaporator is working properly, and the system has the proper amount of refrigerant, a strong stream of cold air should be coming through the vents.

Having an evaporator that works is important for your car’s a/c system. When it is working efficiently, heat is pulled from the air as it passes over the evaporator fins and coils.  This helps keep the liquid refrigerant as cold as possible.

The main functions of the evaporator include:

    • Absorbing heat
    • Removing humidity from air
    • Distributing air inside the car via the blower fan and air ducting

The evaporator is located with the heater core in the HVAC case within the vehicle’s dashboard. Replacement of the evaporator is a very difficult and time-consuming job on most vehicles. The evaporator  is the last stop for the air moving through the HVAC system before it is released from the vents and into the  cabin. Low-pressure refrigerant travels through it and absorbs heat from the passenger compartment. Warm air that blows over the cooled surface then comes through the vents and is released as cold air.

Some common tell-tale signs of evaporator problems include:

    • Weakened air flow
    • Warm air when it should be cool
    • Strange odor
    • Inconsistent temperature
    • Gurgling or cavitating noise in dash

Evaporators on certain makes and model vehicles tend to rust/corrode in the lower corners or on the seams from its construction. Chrysler, Jeep, and Toyota/Lexus vehicles tend to have more issues with their evaporator and heater cores than other makes. A bad evaporator may mean no cold air on a hot day, which can make driving safely and properly a bit of a challenge. Plus, it can create an almost intolerable environment for your passengers.

It is important to have a trained professional evaluate the HVAC system on your vehicle. To prevent the unnecessary replacement of the evaporator core or other a/c components, it is best that the system be properly diagnosed by an experienced technician. At Hollenshade’s all a/c services include the injection of UV-dye to pinpoint the location of refrigerant leaks. Following service, if tracer dye staining is observed in the HVAC condensation drain, the evaporator may be the source of the leak. There are stop-leak products available for a/c systems. However, results tend to be mixed due to the system age, location or size of the leak.

If you have noticed a/c cooling issues in your car, bring it into Hollenshade’s in Towson, and our expert a/c repair mechanics will diagnose and repair the problem.

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