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A full system is required for peak function of the car’s air conditioning system. Since most newer vehicles only require 14-28 ounces of refrigerant, it is best to have an ASE certified mechanic complete the charging, if  possible.

Your car’s air conditioning system uses refrigerant to remove moisture from the air inside the car and deposit it outside via the evaporator condensation drain. Over time, the refrigerant can escape through  leaks in the system. Without this refrigerant, the a/c cannot keep the car cool. Prolonged operation of the a/c system with low refrigerant charge can damage system components and result in more costly repairs.

You may notice that your air conditioner makes a clicking noise, signifying the clutch engaging, when turned on. If the refrigerant levels are too low, the clutch will fail to engage, as there is not enough refrigerant for the compressor to pressurize. The following are additional common signals that your refrigerant needs recharging:

    • Gurgling or cavitating noise in the dashboard
    • Cold air on passenger side but not on driver side vents
    • Excessive cycling of the a/c compressor clutch (occurs in conjunction with the cooling fans within the engine bay)
    • Failure of the A/C clutch to engage
    • Visible signs of leaks (if UV-dye is present)
    • Reduced cooling capability

If you don’t take the car in so a mechanic can recharge the system refrigerant when necessary, it could cause a few more problems. Your air conditioning system will shut down if there is not enough refrigerant pressure in the lines in order to prevent additional damage from occurring. It is technically safe to drive without a/c, but doing so for long periods of time could potentially cause the compressor to seize without refrigerant oil being cycled through the system. . This can result in expensive repairs down the line, not to mention unpleasant driving conditions in the hot summer.

If you have noticed any signs that your refrigerant may need recharging, contact Hollenshade’s as soon as possible. A Towson air conditioning repair mechanic will diagnose and repair the issue quickly and at a competitive rate.

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