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Diagnostic System Monitors

Knowing what issue is causing the check engine light allows you to plan any repairs around your next state emissions test. SCHEDULE TODAY so that one of our expert technicians can retrieve any CEL codes from your vehicle’s memory.

OBD Testing

Today’s vehicles have built-in, On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system monitors that test various emissions control components and systems when the engine is running. When a OBD scanner is connected to the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system through a connector under the dashboard, the monitors send messages to the test equipment indicating whether they are “ready” or “not ready” for OBD testing. If a monitor does not have enough information to pass or fail its assigned emissions component or system in the vehicle, a “not ready” or “incomplete” message is sent to the test equipment. If your monitors continue to be unset, your vehicle could fail the state emissions test.


Maintenance service Codes

More automobile manufacturers are starting to incorporate maintenance codes into the vehicle’s driver information center. The maintenance required light is not the same as the vehicles check engine light. The codes indicate what scheduled maintenance services and inspections are required at the given time and mileage for the vehicle. On modern-era cars the logic/algorithm behind the maintenance schedule and indicator light goes beyond the simple time and mileage tracking of past systems. Now things such as key cycles, engine warm ups, on/off time, as well as other driving characteristics are used to determine the necessary maintenance services. CONTACT one of our team members to discuss the maintenance schedule and make plans for your specific vehicle.

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