Clutch & Manual Transmission FAQ

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Clutch & Manual Transmission FAQ

How do I know when the clutch is worn out?

Slipping of the clutch or an increase in engine RPM without a corresponding increase in vehicle speed, usually during acceleration or uphill operation, can be an early indication of a wearing clutch. Difficulty getting the transmission into or out of gear can also result from a wearing clutch. A burning smell is also notice that the clutch disk is no longer holding effectively.

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How long does a clutch last ?

Clutch life will vary considerably depending on driving conditions and operational habits. An average for a highway commuting vehicle can be upwards of 110k miles.

Additional variables include driving behavior and the brand of the vehicle. While some people can get 100k miles from their clutch, new manual drivers may only see 30k due to inconsistent shifts and heavy wear on the clutch itself.

How much does replacing the clutch cost?

Clutch replacement cost can vary significantly based on make and model of vehicle, as well as driveline configuration. Most parts are contained within the transmission case and bell housing. Thus, it is traditionally the best practice to replace all internal components to avoid unnecessary rework.

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