Alternator Replacement

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Alternator Testing and Replacement

The alternator is used for charging the battery. It also supplies current to all electrical consumers when the engine is running. The alternator is a three phase AC generator, which uses diodes to rectify the alternating current, or AC to direct current, or DC. The alternator has to create enough voltage and current to charge the vehicle battery and supply the electrical loads with the engine running. It has been found that a battery can receive a greater charge when the electrolyte is cold. So it would be advantageous to vary the alternator output depending on ambient conditions. By using the output from the ambient air temperature sensor, the intake air temperature sensor and the engine coolant temperature sensor the engine control unit can estimate the battery temperature. The engine control unit can vary the current flow through the alternator field winding which results in a variable output. The control unit can reduce the alternator output under certain conditions to reduce the load on the engine.


Work with Hollenshade’s for Baltimore Alternator Testing and Replacement

Hollenshade’s is a trusted provider of alternator testing and replacement services. Their team of experienced and skilled mechanics has the expertise to diagnose and repair any alternator-related problems quickly and effectively. They use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure accurate testing and diagnosis of the alternator. They also offer high-quality replacement alternators from trusted manufacturers to ensure the reliability and longevity of the charging system.

Additionally, Hollenshade’s provides exceptional customer service, offering honest and transparent communication about the diagnosis and repair process. They work closely with their customers to provide customized solutions that meet their needs and budget. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship has made them a trusted provider of automotive services in Maryland for over 80 years.

In conclusion, the importance of alternator testing and replacement cannot be overstated in maintaining the reliability and safety of a vehicle’s electrical system. Hollenshade’s provides expert alternator testing and replacement services with high-quality replacement parts and exceptional customer service. Car owners who need their alternator checked or replaced can trust Hollenshade’s to get the job done right the first time.

The experts at Hollenshade’s in Towson can address any problems you may experience with your vehicle’s charging system. Please CONTACT US for an appointment or to ask us a question about alternator testing or replacement.

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