Brake Master Cylinder

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Brake Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is the heart of the entire braking system. No braking occurs until the driver depresses the brake pedal. The brake pedal linkage is used to apply the force of the drivers foot into a closed hydraulic system that begins with the master cylinder.

Most vehicles built since the early 1980’s are equipped with a see-through master cylinder reservoir. This allows technicians to inspect the brake fluid level without having to disturb the reservoir. This increased visibility of the hydraulic fluid level provides an added ability for technicians to potential identify an issue prior to a failure of the system. Some countries require this type of reservoir be equipped by the manufacturer.

In the master cylinder brake pedal movement and force are transferred to the brake fluid and directed to wheel cylinders or calipers. The master cylinder is also separated into two pressure chambers, sometimes referenced as ‘circuits.’ The segmentation of the system provides an added level of safety in the event of a system leak or failure in one circuit.

There are two holes in each hydraulic circuit, the vent port and replenishing port. Sometimes the two ports are referred to as the high/low pressure port and the compensating port.

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