Expert Brake Caliper Installation

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Brake Caliper

Overheating of the brake pads or vibration in the brakes can indicate an issue with a brake caliper on the vehicle.

Poor pedal feel or stopping performance can also indicate an issue with the Brake Caliper.

Brake calipers may bind or be unable to mechanical retract when the brake pedal is released due to one or more of the following:

  • Rusted/ frozen caliper slide pins.
  • Missing, damaged or poorly installed rubber sealing boots allowing water to enter the slide area causing rust & corrosion.
  • Failed brake caliper piston dust seal.
  • Worn square-cut O-ring.

The experts at Hollenshade’s in Towson can address any problems you may experience with your vehicle’s brake system. Please CONTACT US for an appointment or to ask us a question about you brake calipers.

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