Serpentine Belt Replacement

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Serpentine Belt Replacement

It is generally recommended that all belts, including the serpentine belt be replaced every four to seven years. If the vehicle has a water pump driven by the serpentine belt its failure will lead to engine overheating. If the engine has multiple belts the failure of one usually entangles the others leading to their failure.

A loose, worn, or defective power steering pump drive belt can cause jerky steering and noise. This noise is generally more pronounced when turning at low speeds.

If the vehicle does not use a spring-loaded or hydraulic belt tensioner then it must be installed with proper tension. Belt installation on a manually tightened belt configuration engine d is best performed by an experienced technician.

The experts at Hollenshade’s in Towson can address any problems you may experience with your vehicle’s brake system. Please CONTACT US for an appointment or to learn more about our serpentine belt repair services.

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