Thermostat Diagnosis and Repair

Thermostat Replacement

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Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat is an integral part of the cooling system on a vehicle.

The experts at Hollenshade’s in Towson can address any problems you may experience with your thermostat system. Please contact us for an appointment or to ask us a question about a cooling system issue or repair for your vehicle. Additionally, we offer many auto repair services including fluids, brakes, and belts.

Check Engine Light Code P0128


This code is set when the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) does not reach a predetermined temperature, despite sufficient engine warm-up time. The ECM estimates the ECT based on the starting temperature, engine loads, and engine speeds. The ECM then compares the estimated temperature with the actual ECT. When the estimated ECT reaches ## degree C/F, the ECM checks the actual ECT. If the actual ECT is less than ## degree C/F, the ECM interprets this as a malfunction in the thermostat or the engine cooling system and sets the DTC.

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