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Spark Plug inspection and replacement

Spark plugs are a critical component for proper engine operation. Most manufactures have clearly defined service intervals including spark plug replacement to ensure best performance and fuel economy from the motor.

Spark plus should be inspected when an engine performance problem occurs and should be replaced at specified intervals to ensure proper ignition system performance.

Platinum spark plugs have a small amount of the precious metal platinum included onto the end of the center electrode, as well as on the ground side electrode. Platinum is a metal that does not react with oxygen and, thus, will not erode away as can occur with convention nickle alloy spark plug electrodes.

Iridium is a white precious metal and is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals known. Most iridium spark plugs use a smll amount of iridium welded onto the tip of a small center electrode. The smaller diamiter of the tip reduces the voltage required to jump the gap between the cetner and the side electrode, thereby reducing [osible misfires. the ground or side electrode is usually tipped with platinum to help reduce electrode gp eer.

Physical differences in spark plug construction include:

  • Reach – the length of the threaded portion of the plug.
  • The heat range of the spark plug refers to how raidly the heat created at the tip is transferred to the cylinder head. A plug with long ceramic insulator path will run hotter at the tip than a spark plug that has a shorter path beacuse the heat must travel farther.
  • Some spark plugs use a gasket to seal the combustion chamber gasses. Other use a tapered seat to seal.

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