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Headlight Lens Servicing

Headlight lenses oxidize over time due to UV rays from the sun, road chemicals, and even the heat from your own headlights. The result is a foggy headlight lens that reduces your vehicle’s light output. Dim lights caused by lens oxidation can become a driving hazard at night or even during rainy or snowy weather. Not only do oxidized lenses make it hard to see, but they make you less visible to other drivers, too.

On all vehicles, regardless of make or model, headlight lenses must be in optimal condition at all times. Exterior bulbs need to be replaced and updated based on current technology to avoid an unexpected burnout that could create dangerous visibility conditions. The team at Hollenshade’s Auto Service can help restore your headlight lens brightness and increase nighttime driving safety with our advanced cleaning service. In fact, we recommend checking your vehicle’s lighting and wipers during routine maintenance. The result is both greater road safety and increased driving efficiency.

Please ask about this offering during your next vehicle service! We offer a full range of regular auto repair and upkeep services in addition to headlight lens maintenance. We work on all majors makes and models and guarantee fair, transparent pricing. Contact us to schedule your headlight lens appointment in Towson or give us a call at 410-828-5750.

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