Sway Bar Link Repair

Sway Bar Link Inspection and Replacement

sway bar links shown with vehicle

Sway Bar Link Diagnosis and Repair

Sway bar links are one of the newer components now commonplace on modern vehicles. They were largely incorporated to vehicle designs after the mass adoption of independent suspension. The sway bar is the component most attributable to the quality ride and control on modern vehicles.

While the basics of the sway bar link is simple, the materials have improved along with design refinements that enable the joint to last longer and carry greater loads. For aftermarket replacement sway bar links, many manufacturers have focused on improving the OE design or adding serviceability to the sway bar link joint.

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What does a Sway Bar Link sound like?

Knocking or rattling noises when driving on uneven pavement or over bumps in the roadway can be an indication the sway bar links could be worn and need to be replaced. Sway bars and the links that connect them to the suspension components are one of the features largely responsible for the smooth and stable dynamics of modern vehicles.

Why does the Sway Bar Link fail?

Sway bar links are one of the steering and suspension components that receives the most wear and tear during daily driving patters. The links transfer loads through the sway bar from one wheel to the other.

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