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Pat B.

Brakes and Hydraulics

Pat is an expert at vehicle hydraulics including the brake and power steering systems. He performs major brake repairs on both small cars and light/medium duty truck vehicles. Pat has extensive experience diagnosing and installing steering and suspension components including tie-rod ends, power steering pumps, and rack and pinion steering assemblies. He performs numerous brake and power steering line replacements on aging vehicles. Most years Hollenshade’s installs over 4,000 feet of brake line. To learn more about our brake service offerings CLICK HERE.

Cooling System Diagnosis and Repair

Pat installs countless water pumps and radiators on both domestic and foreign makes and models. While some jobs can be straight forward Pat performs some of our most challenging cooling system repairs. He is experienced at evaluating the integrity of the engine and seals to determine if an overheating condition resulted in internal engine damage. Hollenshade’s in Towson has a five-gas analyzer to detect hydrocarbons in a vehicle’s cooling system. The presence of hydrocarbons in engine coolant can indicate a problem with the cylinder head gasket of the engine. To learn more about cooling systems CLICK HERE.

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