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If you are in need of a mechanic in Carney, Maryland, call Hollenshade’s Auto Service today.

We’ve been in business since 1939, serving the auto repair needs of the Baltimore County community. We are known by residents for the quality of service and attention to detail we provide. Our experienced technicians provide factory repair services on all major makes and models.

Regardless of how or small your automotive concerns are, we can help. Schedule an appointment online or by phone at (410) 421-7718. Stop by today and see for yourself why we are among the leading auto repair services in the Carney, Maryland area.

Ethical Auto Service in Carney

Choosing a new mechanic can be tricky. You’ll want to find someone you can trust to make quality repairs to your car and charge a fair price every time. At Hollenshade’s, our trained mechanics prioritize ethical service and offer transparent, competitive pricing.

We work with all types of cars, and we believe no problem is too big or too small. We maintain ongoing relationships with our clients in order to guarantee quality, long-lasting repair work.  Our technicians can create preventative maintenance plans for our client’s individual cars based on make and model.

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance & Auto Repair

Keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance is a critical part of extending your car’s lifespan. Routine services, such as oil changes, brake replacements, and tune-ups improve gas mileage, increase safety, reduce wear and tear, and keep your car going as long as possible.

For a fast, efficient auto service, Hollenshade’s is your Carney, Maryland mechanic. We proudly offer a complete selection of vehicle services, including, but not limited to, tire repair and rotation, oil changes, belt replacement, and brake servicing. Our goal is to foster lasting relationships with our clients to ensure their cars stay in the best condition possible. It’s important to us that our clients are safe on the road, and we work to ensure that through attention to detail and high-quality mechanic service.

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If you are looking for a Carney, Maryland, mechanic, contact Hollenshade’s today. We have a reputation for superior service and the most competitive rates in Baltimore County. Call us today at (410) 421-7718 to make an appointment.

Image of a mechanic working on a car on Hollenshade's automotive services website

Our Services

Battery Charging and Starting Service image on Hollenshade's website

Battery, Charging & Starting

The battery, starting and charging system components are critical to the reliability of a vehicle.

Image of a mechanic working on car brakes at Hollenshade's Service


The components of the brake system must all be functioning properly to ensure safe operation of your vehicle.

Belt and Hose Inspection image on Hollenshade's website

Belts & Hoses

The belts and hoses on a vehicle are rubber and wear over time. Proper inspection by a trained technician can identify issues prior to failure.

Clutch Repair image on Hollenshade's website


The clutch is wearing component in the drive-line of a manual transmission vehicle. Check out our manual transmission repair photo gallery.

Differential Maintainence image on Hollenshade's website


The current technology included in modern-era All-wheel drive (AWD) systems requires maintenance and inspection tasks be performed by professionals to prevent costly repairs.

Drivetrain Maintainence image on Hollenshade's website


The stress and strain placed on the axle, wheel bearing & other drivetrain components is greater with modern era power levels and all-wheel drive (AWD). Our experience provides accurate diagnosis of drivetrain components.

Technician servicing a car's electrical systems image on Hollenshade's website


The expert technicians at Hollenshade's can accurately and efficiently diagnose the electrical issue with your vehicle. With computer modules and LAN now commonplace, modern-era vehicles place greater demands on the car's electrical systems.

Emissions Repair image on Hollenshade's website


The emission systems on modern vehicles are complex and require a trained professional to properly diagnose and repair. Hollenshade's team includes master certified emissions technicians.

Engine Maintainence image on Hollenshade's website


The engine must be maintained, inspected & repaired properly to ensure good performance and longevity. Direct Injection (DI) fuel delivery requires new approaches to maintenance. Hollenshade's experience with all makes and model engines translates to greater value for drivers and families. CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO!

Exhaust System Repair image on Hollenshade's website


The exhaust system on a vehicle can rust and corrode due to the toxic gasses it controls. Repairing a failed component in the exhaust system once can prevent more costly repairs in the future and increase safety.

Air Filter Maintence image on Hollenshade's website

Filters & Fluids

The specialist at Hollenshade's check all of the vehicle fluid levels and condition of the filters as part of their scheduled maintenance service. The heat levels under the hood of modern era vehicles place new requirements on the fluids used by the vehicle's systems.

Fuel System Repair image on Hollenshade's website

Fuel System

The fuel system is a complex system that should be repaired by a professional technician. The team at Hollenshade's includes specialist in traditional, multi-port, sequential (SFI) & direct injection (DI) type fuel delivery. CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO!

Automotive HVAC Repair image on Hollenshade's website


Hollenshade's specializes in automotive air conditioning and heating system diagnosis and repair. Their experts save you money by fixing the system properly when required. Check out our photo gallery.

Headlight Repair and Installation image on Hollenshade's website

Lighting & Wipers

The lights and wipers on a vehicle must function properly for maximum visibility at night and in adverse weather conditions. Hollenshade's inspects the lights and wipers during scheduled maintenance services. Ask us about our two options for headlight restoration!

Suspension and Steering Inspection image on Hollenshade's website

Suspension & Steering

The compoenents of the steering and suspension on a car are stressed at great levels due to road conditions and the high performance nature of modern era vheicles. Should you suspect something is not correct with the performance of your vehicle's steering or suspension system schedule an appointment. We will test drive with you to determine if further inspection is warranted.

Image of a tire on Hollenshade's website


The team at Hollenshade's offer tire repair, mounting, balancing & installation. We sell all tire brands. Contact us and we can provide you with some options for your next tire purchase. Selling most all tire brands and servicing all makes and models we can suggest some preferred options for your specific vehicle.

Cooling system repair image on Hollenshade's website

Cooling System

The cooling system must be functioning properly so that engine overheating does not occur. The team at Hollenshade's includes specialist in cooling system diagnosis and repair.

Vehicle Maintainence image on Hollenshade's website


Hollenshade's offers a full range of maintenance services. Our trained specialists and experience provide value as you navigate the necessary scheduled maintenance for your vehicle. Completing the necessary services proper ensures maximum performance and service life for the vehicle.

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