Professional Brake Repair & Service

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Brake repair

Excess NOISE or fading performance?
Spongy or stiff brake pedal?
Pulling to one side when brakes are applied?

All can be signs of a need for service for brake repair.

With the standardization of antilock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake proportioning (EBP) it is important that you select an experienced technician to diagnosis and service your vehicle’s braking system.

Excess noise or poor stopping performance can be a sign of worn out brake pads. A professional brake service by our expert technicians ensures you receive the optimum performance and longevity from the brake pads. See More…

Improper balance or pulling of the vehicle during braking can be an indication of a brake caliper issue. Proper diagnosis and repair is necessary to restore safe and reliable brake performance. See More…

A vibration in the steering wheel when brakes are applied (especially at highway speeds) can be an indication of warped brake rotors. There are many brake system factors that can cause overheating of the brake rotor. It is important that vibration issues are diagnosed properly by an expert technician.

Master Cylinder: Brake Repair

The master cylinder is the central hydraulic component of the vehicles brake system. Checking of the brake fluid level and inspection for signs of contamination are checked at the master cylinder reservoir and should be performed by an experienced mechanic.

Brake fluid is essential to the stopping efficiency of a vehicle. Brake fluid transmits the pressure from the brake pedal to apply the brakes at the wheels. Brake fluid can absorb moisture and also become overheated which could negatively impact how well a vehicle stops. Changing brake fluid at the recommended intervals helps ensure that the brake system operates properly and protects brake system hydraulic components. See More…

The brake system hydraulic control unit (HCU) is the brains of a modern day vehicle equipped with anti-lock braking (ABS) and stability control system (VSC). The HCU is traditionally paired with an electronic control unit module to help both systems regulate braking line fluid pressure at rapid processing rates in order to maintain safe vehicle dynamics. These systems should only be serviced by an experienced mechanic. See More…

Brake Repair FAQ

How do I know my brakes need service ?

Excessive noise or a sense of reduced performance can indicate the need for a formal brake inspection. Drivers in the Towson area can schedule a service with a expert technician at Hollenshade’s.

Why do I feel a vibration in my brakes ?

A vibration or pulsation in the brake pedal or steering wheel, especially at highway speeds, is a sign of brake rotor issues. It is best to address this issue early as it will most likely get worse as the brakes continue to wear. A service in Towson by the brake specialists at Hollenshade’s ensures proper brake feel and performance.

What is the cost to Fix or Replace Brakes ?

The price to repair a vehicles brake system can vary significantly depending on what components need to be replaced. Repairs can become much more costly if the noise in the brake system is not addressed and grinding is experienced. Contact Us for an estimate to repair your vehicle’s brakes.
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