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Audi Repair and Maintenance Services

Audi doesn’t fall short of manufacturing cars with a high level of technology, performance, and power.

As an Audi owner, it pays to take your car to an auto repair shop familiar with its different parts and components. Hollenshade’s Auto Service has the proper diagnostic tools to conduct accurate repair and maintenance work.

Count on our ASE-certified technicians in Towson, Maryland to properly maintain your car’s safety and reliability for the years to come.

We do the following auto services for Audi:

Audi Cooling System Diagnosis and Repair

Take your Audi in for cooling system and repair services now and then. If your car overheats, it can lead to permanent damage, which can be costly to fix. Our mechanics conduct cooling system and repairs in Towson, MD using Audi OEM parts. With a well-functioning heating and cooling system, you can maintain passenger comfort.

Audi Brake Repair

Common brake problems include grinding and squealing brakes, shaky staring wheels, spongy brake pedals, and car wobbling when driving at high speeds. If your Audi starts to show signs of these red flags, our mechanics in Towson, MD can inspect your car. We also recommend the necessary brake repairs to get you stopping safely.

Audi Engine Repair and Maintenance

Your Audi has an on-board computer diagnostic system that monitors your car’s engine and transmission, along with other electrical systems. And it pays to monitor these systems because they ensure that your car operates efficiently. It also helps your car maintain low levels of emission. But more than just conducting engine repair and maintenance, we educate car owners about the proper care to keep their engines lasting longer.

Audi Suspension and Steering Inspection

Without a good steering and suspension system, you’re in for a bumpy ride. When you start to notice signs of trouble, like difficulty turning the steering wheel, uneven tire wear, and noises when driving over bumps, take your Audi to our repair shop for suspension and steering inspection. We check both systems and complete the repair work correctly the first time.

Obtain premier maintenance for your Audi at an affordable price. Our auto repair facility in Towson, Maryland has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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