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Nissan Repair and Maintenance Services

Car owners seeking dependability and a long vehicle lifespan choose Nissan. After all, the brand is synonymous with practical comfort and sports car-type engine performance.

But the key to your Nissan’s longevity lies in consistent repair and maintenance. Get the greatest value in car repair in Towson, Maryland from Hollenshade’s Auto Service.

Our team of experienced automotive professionals and ASE-certified technicians complete repair work properly the first time. We perform the following services for your Nissan:

Nissan Brake Repair

Every car’s brake system wears down over time. Keep it working efficiently through scheduled repair services. We offer free visual inspections for every purchase with tire rotations (excluding drum brakes, when equipped). Our Nissan brake repair services include brake pad replacement, brake rotor resurfacing, and brake fluid replacement. We use only high-quality parts when repairing your brake system to ensure optimal vehicle performance.

Nissan Engine Repair and Maintenance

Get complete engine care from Hollenshade’s Auto Service. As trusted auto repair specialists in Towson, MD since 1939, you can count on us for speed, accuracy, transparency, and value. Prior to conducting major engine repairs, we inform you of the overall condition of your vehicle. Our Nissan engine repair and maintenance services involve thorough checks of your car’s components. Count on us to conduct the necessary repairs to keep your Nissan engine in good shape.

Nissan Fuel System

Dirt and gunk can accumulate in your car’s fuel system. When this happens, it can obstruct fuel flow and hampers your Nissan’s performance. Keep your car running smoothly by scheduling a fuel cleaning and injector service in Towson, MD. Our fuel system services will improve your car’s gas mileage, reduce emissions, and extend your engine’s lifespan. We wash away the dirt and debris to maximize your car’s performance.

Nissan Oil Change

Regular oil changes keep your vehicle performing well. A Nissan oil change from our ASE-certified technicians involves replacing your car’s oil and filters, as well as inspecting your engine for leaks. Before recommending what oil is right for your car, we consider the mileage, climate, and the way you drive. Keep your car’s vital engine parts well-lubricated to protect against heat and friction.

Car owners choose Hollenshade’s Auto Service because of our long history of professional car repair and maintenance services in Towson, MD. Call us at 410-828-5750 or schedule an appointment today.

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