Professional Kia Repair and Maintenance

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From producing only economy cars in the past to introducing some of the most sought-after sedans and SUVs today, Kia is a car brand that has gone a long way. But whether your Kia is a recent or old model, it deserves proper car care — and we’re here to help you ensure that.

Hollenshade’s Auto Service is a trusted name when it comes to Kia repair and maintenance in Towson, Maryland. We’ve been serving the community for almost eight decades now. And we have a team of Kia specialists who are ready to repair or boost the performance of your car.

Your Kia’s cooling system keeps the engine from overheating. Prevent the hassle of dealing with overheating while on the road by driving your car to our auto shop for cooling system diagnosis. Our specialists inspect your car’s entire cooling system, give transparent feedback about its condition, and provide necessary repairs once you decide to get service.

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your car brakes in top condition. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your brakes, don’t go anywhere but to our Towson shop. Our Kia technicians will do all the work to make sure you get back on the road promptly and safely.

Never ignore your check engine light. Once it’s on, have professionals to inspect your Kia engine. After all, the engine must be inspected, repaired, and maintained properly to ensure efficient and strong performance. If there’s a need for parts replacement, our shop in Towson, MD has quality OEM parts to get the job done right the first time.

A Kia car has a top-notch steering and suspension system to let you enjoy smooth driving. But nothing is immune to the wear and tear of time. It’s best to regularly bring your car for steering and suspension inspection to ensure smooth rides all the time. If your car requires repair, our technicians can determine the root cause of the problem and provide the right fixes.

For professional Kia repairs and tune-ups in Towson, Maryland, trust only the experts. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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