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Acura designs vehicles for exhilarating performance and unsurpassed comfort. As an attractive and dependable vehicle, your Acura deserves timely and efficient repair and maintenance. Through scheduled auto services, you can maintain your luxury car’s sophisticated style while extending its road-life.

Hollenshade’s Auto Service ensures that every Acura goes through exceptional repairs and maintenance. We provide outstanding customer care and conduct in-depth vehicle diagnoses. Our team gets the work done properly the first time to offer you the greatest value in car repair.

Here are just some of the work we can do:

Transmission problems can be the result of a worn clutch. And worn clutches can become defective over time because of hydraulic fluid leaks or the tendency of a driver to shift gears without releasing their foot from the clutch pedal. Our Acura clutch inspection and replacement services in Towson, MD will fix your failing clutch. We take pride in the quality and speed of our workmanship and uphold factory specifications for every repair work.

A fully functional differential allows the wheels of your vehicle to spin at independent speeds. This way, you can prevent slipping and make smooth turns when driving around corners. Make our Acura differential diagnosis and repairs a regular part of your maintenance routine. Take your car in for a complete inspection and our ASE-certified technicians will assess your car’s steering and suspension components, and well as its differential.

Keeping your system in tip-top shape means releasing the poisonous gases produced by your engine safely and effectively out the tailpipe and away from your vehicle and passengers. We conduct Acura exhaust leak and repair services in Towson, Maryland. Our technicians use quality OEM parts to repair and replace your exhaust system. We use the right tools to provide you with an accurate estimate.

If you’re experiencing radiation problems, call Hollenshade’s Auto Service to schedule cooling system diagnostics. Our Acura cooling system repair services include an in-depth diagnosis of your car’s radiator symptoms that protect against coolant leaks and radiator overheating. As ASE-certified technicians and radiator service experts, you can expect transparent services, quality workmanship, and a job done well the first time.

Give your Acura the high-quality attention and services it deserves. With reputable service technicians delivering quality workmanship since 1939, your vehicle’s luxurious quality and performance will be consistent for years to come.

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