Professional Hyundai Repair and Maintenance

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With their reliability, strong performance, and economical rates, Hyundai gives great value for your money. All these savings, however, can easily go down the drain if you don’t do proper car care. Fortunately, we’re here to provide the necessary repair and maintenance for your Hyundai.

Hollenshade’s Auto Service has been serving Hyundai car owners for decades now. We have a team of specialists who have years of experience dealing with repairs and tune-ups of various Hyundai models.

Here are some of the services that our Hyundai team provides:

From oil change to air filter replacement, our range of maintenance services helps extend the life of your Hyundai car. We suggest that you adhere to the recommended tune-up schedule. If you are unsure when to bring your car for a tune-up, call (410-828-5750) or contact our auto shop in Towson, and we’ll guide you.

Do your car’s vents blow warm air? It’s time to drive your car to our Towson shop. Using the latest equipment, our Hyundai technicians will diagnose your auto HVAC issue and repair it accordingly. With our commitment to workmanship, we make sure you get back on the road safely and quickly.

The drivetrain of your Hyundai is a group of multiple moving parts that deliver power to its driving wheels. When one or two of those components are worn out or dysfunctional, this could affect the efficiency of your car. Don’t let that happen by bringing your Hyundai to us for a drivetrain diagnosis. If your vehicle needs new drivetrain components, we have OEM parts for replacement.

With a fully-functioning steering and suspension system, your Hyundai can give you the smoothest ride possible. This system supports your car as you drive, absorbing shocks and bumps while allowing the front wheels to pivot for steering. With such an important role, this system needs preventive maintenance. Start by having our technicians do suspension and steering inspection.

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